Banyalbufar - Port des Canonge

This walking route starts on the outskirts of the village of Banyalbufar, along the coast to Port des Canonge, an old fishing port. A comfortable walking route of 4'22km one way (9km round trip), for all ages where you can enjoy the coastal scenery along the mountainside. Also known as "Volta des General", this is one of the favourite excursions for geology lovers.

It is surprising to see the force of nature and the traces left on the trees by the "cap de fibló" (whirlpool that forms on a water surface, similar to a tornado) in August 2020. Bordering the Sierra de Tramontana, the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea mingles with pine trees, murta, heather, reeds and holm oaks. On the way, you can also listen to the singing of birds such as the Trencapinyons, which feed on the pine nuts extracted from the pine cones of the white pine.

Image of the remains of an old lime kiln on the road from Banyalbufar to Port des Canonge.
Remains of an old lime kiln along the road

Half an hour into the walk, you will pass the remains of an old lime kiln and ten minutes later, a charcoal burner's hut, vestiges of a distant past, vestiges of times gone by.

Image of the coast, in the background, sa Foradada
Punta de s'Aguila and sa Foradada and Morro de Sóller in the background

The route continues along an asphalt road from where we reach the emblematic Son Bunyola estate, currently owned by Richard Branson, who is converting it into an exclusive agrotourism hotel. Continuing our journey, the same road takes us back to the coast. The light, reddish and ochre tones of the rock, together with the pine trees that almost reach the sea, give a lot of character to this northwest area of Mallorca. Soon you will see the stream and the unspoilt beach of Son Bunyola.

Son Bunyola beach
Coastal landscape of Son Bunyola beach
Son Bunyola beach
Son Bunyola pebble beach

Son Bunyola beach

Son Bunyola beach stands out for the reddish hue of its rocks. It is a virgin beach of pebbles, eroded stones, fragments of rock modelled day after day. The friction between them rounds them off, giving them their characteristic flat shapes. The force of the waves means that the appearance of this cove can vary considerably. Some of the pebbles are reddish in colour and rough to the touch, Buntsandstein fragments (rocks approximately 250 million years old). After about 300 metres, we reach Port des Canonge.

Port des Canonge
Port des Canonge

Port des Canonge

Port des Canonge is an old fishing port. The cove, made of stones and gravel, is 70m long and 20m wide. The escars (dry docks, a place where traditional boats are protected from the inclemency of the weather) and the boats become the protagonists of this corner of the island. The lush vegetation that surrounds it, typical of the Tramontana mountain range, contrasts with the transparency of its crystal-clear waters and the reddish colour of the rocks. Geology lovers will undoubtedly enjoy this spot on the island, where the oldest geological materials in Mallorca can be found.

Stories of pirate invasions, carabinieri legends and shipwrecks are part of the history of Port des Canonge and its surroundings. Nowadays it is a holiday resort together with the urbanisation that surrounds it, which is very popular with the residents of Esporlas.

References: Conselleria de Medi Ambient i Mobilitat (Regional Ministry of the Environment and Mobility)


This is a family hike of 4.22 km one way, with the return trip being a little longer due to the steepness of the slope, not suitable for pushchairs. Although there is plenty of shade along the route, don't forget to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and especially in the hot months, avoid the hottest hours (from 12:00 to 15:00).

If you go by car, you can park on the small esplanade at km 85.2 on the MA-10 Andratx to Pollença road, with capacity for about 12 vehicles.

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