Arroz brut

Arroz brut

Arroz brut is a very popular dish typical of Mallorcan autumn and winter. It is a spicy, brothy rice with meat and vegetables from the garden, usually served in a tureen and eaten with a spoon. It is a traditional Mallorcan dish with many variations. Origin: The origin of this dish ...

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One of the most prized mushrooms in the Balearic Islands are the "esclata-sangs". The arrival of the autumn cold, the first rains and the sun's rays is the perfect combination for these prized mushrooms to grow. Thus, between November and December, mushroom enthusiasts take the opportunity to go out early in the morning to the ...

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The llampuga, an autumn fish

The arrival of the September storms usually signals the beginning of the end of summer. It is around this time that the llampugas (dorado in Spanish) appear on our coasts. In Mallorca they are usually fished until mid-November, making the llampuga an autumn fish. Here is a tartar and the classic "llampuga amb pebres", llampuga with peppers.

El raor: A gastronomic "jewel" in the Balearic Islands

Its fishing season ends on 31 August. Depending on its age, it usually lives at a depth of 45 to 50 metres, sometimes burying itself in the sandy seabed. It is one of the most prized fish in recreational fishing, precisely because it is so difficult to catch. Of course, its taste is exceptional. Here are some culinary tips to make the most of the raons: a gastronomic "jewel" in the Balearic Islands.